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How to convert a web to mobile friendly

The following article shows how to convert a web to mobile, for display a website correctly in Smartphones with integrated browsers.

The technique used to convert a web page to Mobile is the responsive design, the design of the website adapts to the width in pixels of the mobile browser, for better usability of the website visitors.

How to force Google to read my robots.txt file

In the following article we show how to force Google to read the robots.txt file on a web page immediately.

When developing a new website is good practice to configure the robots.txt file to not index the website until not have real content.

The robots.txt file is a text file located in the root of our website, which contains a series of directives that search engine robots should read to know what parts can be indexed in a website.

For example if we have a directory that we do not want Google to index, then we add the directive: