Disadvantages of creating a free website

The following article lists the disadvantages for your business if you want to create a free and non professional website.

The option to create a free web page is viable, but we must warn of a number of disadvantages (instead of having a professional website with your own .com domain) that are negative for the business to get online presence.

We analyze the disadvantages from 2 points of view: free website and free domain/server.

This is not a negative article about free websites, only list the disadvantages of creation and maintenance of free web pages for a business.

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Disadvantages of free websites

  • Visitors to your website can doubt the credibility of a company that don't have a page with businessname .com.
  • Emails from your company will also suffer this problem when an email from hotmail or other free email providers, instead of having a yourname @ yourdomain .com  which is much more professional and beneficial for your business.
  • Is difficult to remember the name of your website if it's not yourbusiness .com.
  • Usually you have ads (pop ups and banners) on your free website with the lack of credibility that mean for your business.
  • Unsecured server availability, and may very likely that your server stops working for some reason and website remain inoperative until the problem is resolved; for no apparent reason and without your business can provide service to its customers.
  • Some browsers sometimes ignore these pages, being more difficult to position the page in the search results of Google for example.
  • Limited features such as bandwidth, web space and other features to add to your website.
  • Support inexistent of an expert in the development and maintenance of web pages; any doubt or eventuality that may arise in your project website, you will find yourself alone and unaided to solve your problem.

Advantages of a professional website

  • Professionalism in the design and development of the website for your business.
  • Advanced functionality of your professional website, can really get what your business needs and with the best quality.
  • Professional Web Page oriented and prepared for the purposes of its business, every website has to be unique and offer a quality distinction of your company on the rest.
  • Your own business domain and e-mail: yourbusiness .com, with it's advantages.
  • Server and professional website are always available, with scheduled backups and monitoring the website 24 hours.
  • Performance statistics and access to your website available through personalized reports to your email.
  • Positioning in search engines easier by having a website ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Support and assistance from an expert in Internet and professional website projects always available.

As you can see the ROI (return on investment) in creating a professional website for your business is insured due to the visibility, professionalism and services that a professional website offers to your clients.

We recommend that you consult professionals for guidance on how to start creating a website for your business and how to grow the website for the purpose of your business needs.

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