About Draokon

Draokon is a blog with articles offering passion for application development and everything related to Internet.

We started our journey in the year 1995 ++ programming in C language and Oracle databases.

Later we move into Internet and web development.

Among different languages ​​and systems which we have worked, both in terms of development and system management:

  • IIS (Internet Information Server) + ASP (Active Server Pages). 
  • Environments LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP). 
  • Programming in Java. 
  • Microsoft NET Framework (Applications, web pages and WebServices). Visual Basic + CSharp. 
  • Database Management SQL Server database.

By 2005, also we are into SEO (Search engine Optimization) to achieve the top of our web pages.

At the same time, we have deepened in tools like Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Finally, in addition to continuing current tasks of SEO, SEM and web development, we are involved in the development of applications for mobile phones Android.

In this Blog we will try to offer different items to help users understand different issues we know.

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